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On this page you'll see me answering the questions I most often receive on my Instagram DMs. Questions on illustration tools, methods, entrepreneurship, creative career and more. If you have a question yourself, feel freee to ask!
Question : I work with traditional medium, watercolour on paper. I want to sell products like cards and other merchandise but I don't know how to digitize my artworks in such a way that they look clean and professional. Can you please share some tips on this? 
Answer : Hi " ". So the first step would be to scan your artwork. You can do this using an app like Adobe scanner or CamScanner on your mobile (or) if you have access to a printer/scanner then that will be your best option. Once you scan it you will need to clean up the scanned image to remove the paper marks and other background noise. I use Photoshop to do this. I always had Photoshop with me since college so I'm not sure if there are other alternatives. What you need is a PNG format in the end (i.e. transparent background). 
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