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A collection of illustrated wooden and paper products that can make thoughtful gifts. 

Meet the founder

Soundarya Gottapu

Store Owner

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I'm Soundarya Gottapu, founder and illustrator behind Paper Garden. I love making things with my hands, experimenting with different mediums and understanding how they interact with each other. It all started with paper being my primary canvas for illustrations which I'm now extending to other materials. 

​Paper garden was created with a vision of bringing different illustrated materials into one basket. Wood and paper are the materials we are working with currently. What keeps us driven as a creative company is discovering the most suitable technique to work with a specific material from start to finish. A technique that involves the 'process of hand drawing' in at least one stage of its making. Our paper products begin with hand drawn illustrations while our wooden products are made using a technique called pyrography - where the illustration is manually burnt onto the wooden surface. We aim to explore more materials and techniques for our illustrations as we go forward.