a monsoon poem

"Fresh showers cleaning the dust off of everything they touch,

revealing bright colours,

a relief after the long summer days,

dark skies disrupting plans,

yet there is a nostalgic scent in the air, and it smells like joy."

Coming Soon

New Collection Launching Soon

Our new collection "a monsoon poem" will be launched in the first week of August. We will announce the date and more details on our instagram page. Until then visit our blog to read and have a good time :)

Hey there visitor,

I'm Soundarya, the creative head and founder of Paper Garden. This little brand was born from the need to make physical objects with my illustrations on them. Objects that people can use or gift. Objects that will stay with you through time as a silent, joyous companion.

I also love sharing stories about my creative processes, entrepreneurial journey and life in general. If you're not in the mood to buy anything but just here to have a good time then grab a snack and hop on to my blog :)


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